Know more about Vistamontes, a company that stands out for the quality in the production of wine, sparkling wins and 100% natural grape juice, with vineyards located in Bento Gonçalves, Serra Gaúcha, Brazil.

Vineyards grown since 1918.

About Vistamontes

The winemakers Geyce Marta Salton and Anderson De Césaro have combined experiences to make juices, sparkling wines and wines at their place of origin, the Faria Lemos district, in Bento Gonçalves, south of Brazil.

Vistamontes is a reference to the stunning beauty of the estate's natural landscape where the family has been growing vineyards since 1918.

In 2009, the whole grape juice elaboration process was implemented at the winery, adding value to the grapes produced since many decades by the family, rescuing knowledge and practices of their ancestors.

Vistamontes serves a demanding public concerned with healthy and tasty food.

Nowadays we are dedicated to the establishment of modern vineyards and the diversification of our product line, including wines and sparkling wines.

Therefore, we seek to innovate, create new opportunities and diversify the sustainability bases of the property, always remaining faithful to the ideal of combining knowledge with love for what is done.

Location and Tourism

Vistamontes is located in the southern of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul state, in Bento Gonçalves city. Originated from the Italians, our city, nowadays is recognized as the Brazilian capital of grape and wine.

Our landscape is embroidered by hills covered with vineyards, composing a unique and fascinating landscape.

It’s in the small district of Faria Lemos that you find the itinerary tour of Cantinas Históricas, formed by a group of wineries that produce great grape juices, wines and sparkling wines.

Visit-us (we attend by appointment)

We will be happy to receive you. In our site, besides the production of Vistamontes juices, wines and sparkling wines, you will find our vineyards and a bit of the Italian culture.

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